What Makes an It-Girl?

IT GIRLS are an elite group of cool and glamorous young socialites who appear on every guest list, are dressed by top designers and photographed at events across the planet. The IT GIRL circuit is ruthless – and navigating its ins and outs is tricky business.

Want to try your hand? We’ve asked ASW’s very own Sabine Heller for some tips on what to do and what to avoid:

DON’T: Live in Murray Hill.
DO: Find an old factory building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

DON’T: Have dinner at Sushi Samba.
DO: Eat at Bar Pitti.

DON’T: Date a guy in finance.
DO: Hang out with an art-star or a power-gay.

DON’T: Geo-tag Jones Beach on your Instagram feed.
DO: Pretend you’re in Montauk instead.

DON’T: Don’t RSVP to events from your own email.
DO: Set up a fake “executive assistant”address to reply on “your behalf”.

DON’T: Chase the PMC photographer to snap you at parties.
DO: Make friends will Billy Farrell of BFA.

DON’T: Get have Trump models represent you.
DO: Get NEXT or IMG to sign you.

DON’T: Admit you flew home for New Years to hang out with your high-school friends.
DO: Make it seem like you’re on an exotic holiday with your hottest friends.

DON’T: Stand at fashion shows, even if you have been given a standing ticket.
DO: Arrive five minutes before the show starts and sneak into an empty front row seat

DON’T: Wait for fashion designers to offer to dress you.
DO: Ask a friend of be a your personal “stylist” to request looks from hip designers, like Alex Wang