Abstract Expressionism in Cyber-Space: ASW Meets Artist Hallie Hart

Written by Serena Liegey

Hallie Hart is a world-traveller and modern painter, based across both New York and Los Angeles. Hart has experimented with multiple media with attempts ranging from photography to abstract paintings. Fashion-forward and refreshingly eccentric, Hart discovers a new exhibitionist-niche in digital media. Lead by her brush, and always true to her heart –if you’re lucky enough, you might catch Hallie between gallery events in Monaco, or conceding to the patronage of wooing counts, barons, and princes..

Hallie Hart

Hallie Hart

1.    You are considered to be a modern day Jackson Pollock. Would you say that he is a major influence on your work?

I would say he is one of the most influential artists to me. For me Jackson Pollock is the quintessential example of abstract expressionism.  I’m inspired by and aspire to be him.  So, yes please compare my art to his any day.  I have in the past and some current works incorporated some of Pollock’s techniques into my large-scale paintings, but with that said I have evolved and integrate my own techniques that I have developed over the last decade.


2.    What are some techniques that you have developed?

I use my hands as my brushes, hundreds of splatter, flicker techniques, along with some dripping.


3.    How has social media made an impact on your career?

Once upon a time there was only representation from a gallery to help an artist achieve their goals.  Now that you can show yourself to the world through technology the game has changed significantly.  I have been heavily involved with galleries over the years, but more than half of my clients come from reaching out to me and visa versa via social media.  Some clients have recognized me due to my use of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and my favorite ASW.  That being said, social media has had a colossal impact on my life and career.


4.    How do you pick your color palates when you choose to start on a new painting?

I choose my color palates subconsciously. I take in a great amount of information, and constantly process it in order to know what I want to create. In my case, it is like a camera going at 3000-shutter speed- extremely fast and for that I don’t even realize that the creative process has already begun.  I also dream about art when I’m working a lot in the studio. It comes to me naturally and then I channel that onto a canvas- it just seems to flow effortlessly.  Now, there are other times when I have no clue what I am going to lay down on the canvas.  That’s where music comes in.

Going "Raw": Hart at Work

Going “Raw”: Hart at Work


5.    Music is said to set the tone for a lot of artists, do you agree? What do you normally listen to when you are working?

I definitely would agree.  My motto is music is my boyfriend.  We are partners in the studio.  Music is such a wonderful place to transport my mind to a place in which it can take direction. My taste varies dramatically so it’s completely random when I go into my art studio.  If I turn on Ludwig van Beethoven, which is my favorite classical, it brings some dark out in me… My painting might be more inclined to be several shades of black and gray.  If I turn on some of my upbeat house chill like Hotel Costes 4 or 7, then my paintings are more inclined to be lighting shocks of iridescent golds with blues.


6.    When did you first feel drawn to art as a painter?

This stems way back to around the age of 5 years old.  I remember sketching and I would often try to make girl figures with fancy clothes.  That was not clear to any one else.  My mother has the sketches and they actually look very abstract- the faces, the clothes and the bodies are very oddly shaped. I also enjoyed building things with wood in my teens, which is probably the reason I was drawn to incorporating wood in some of my earlier shows.


7.    What does abstract expressionalism mean to you in comparison to classical art?

Modern is today, whenever that is, the time of which we paint is the present.  It doesn’t have to have a subject matter; it comes from a feeling within, a free flowing feeling of individual ideas of the time. Classical art has concrete subject matter to start. Some of the greatest classical artists and subject matter stem from noted artists such as Leonardo da Vinci in his self-portrait.  A reflection of myself as a modern painting will not start with a subject, but rather, an emotion.  I believe that is the distinctive difference.


8.    You are a Citizen of the World, where do you consider home?

I am a world traveler and it’s part of my DNA. I tend to enroll myself in other cultures when abroad.  The enrichment I receive from all people influences me in my work.  I am away from the states working on commission pieces often.  I give a piece of myself away to everyone in my travels, so I feel comfortable with saying home is wherever you are at that moment feeling completely fulfilled by the experience your having.


9.    I understand that you have been a member of ASW for many years now. How has it been a good source for you?

ASW is such a wonderful site to visit, it’s not intrusive, but extremely informative. I have had people approach me in regards to seeing my art dozens of times and lead to purchases of my art.  The reason I accepted an invitation initially into ASW was because I love to travel and as a result, it has been an amazing resource for me.  The members of ASW know all of the best spots, hidden gems, restaurants, local highlights, landscapes, and gallery openings.  You name it and a member in that city can help and will do so happily.   It’s an international site, it has a great class of people that I feel connected to all over the world.  I love ASW and will continue to be a member for as long as they will have me.


10. What are some of the future projects that you are working on?

I’m working on some extremely large scale paintings, I’m commissioned to do some work in the Middle East, where I will travel there to do the paintings on site.  They are for a Sultan.  He has been following my career for sometime and has begun to collect Hallie Hart.  I will engage in a lovely group show with some friends who live in Nice and Monaco, two places in which I have roots and have shown my work.  Lastly, I will work on opening my own gallery, place to be determined.




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