Top 10 Cities for Single Men

Written by Stephanie McDermott / Madeleine Knight

Following the success of our Top Cities For Single Women article, we thought it only fair to give the same advice for the brave bachelor. For those considering uprooting and resettling to meet their mate, here are our top ten cities for the modern man.

Vancouver, Canada


With unbeatable landscapes, this waterside wonderland has plenty of fish in the sea. Which makes both for great women and great sushi. If you’re the outdoorsy type, Whistler is close-by with it’s fair share of ski bunnies to fuel a necessary heat at the apres ski. Polite people populate the city and apparently the cultural hatred of interruption means you can talk about yourself till your heart’s content.

New Orleans, U.S.A.

Described as the “friendliest and proudest” city in the US, Noo Awluns has much to offer the searching single gent. Frenchman street is the heart of the local nightlife, where you’ll find many a Southern belle tapping her toes to old school beats. The Superdome is large enough to attract the best sport teams from around the country, you can drink on the street and the famous soul food cooking means feasting on all the crawfish you could want.

Sydney, Australia

Predominantly perfect weather, white beaches around the corner from a thriving business center, extensive outdoor activities and self-assured women who like a Fosters as much as the men, Sydney’s not a bad place for reinvention. It’s also a great base for that lone ranger / bush tucker man-on-a-motorbike tour of Australia you wish you’d done as a recent graduate.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 11.04.12 PM

This is the country that keeps on giving. Birthplace of the thong and of Gisele Bundchen, we can only hold Brazil in high regard. Here you will find arguably some of the best city-side beaches around and incredible weather to match. The only downside is the soaring gun crime rates, but you’re fine if you stick to the safer areas. The local atmosphere is electric, and for the business-minded types, this economy is one to invest in.

Dublin, Ireland

A thriving art and cultural scene (crowned by the Abbey Theatre) and a tempestuous history, result in a people who famously know how to “have the craic” (a good time). A young, carefree crowd, made up in part of women who’ve inherited their fieriness from the Celts, and their approach to love from the Latin. One of the perks of prevailing Catholicism.

Madrid, Spain

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 10.55.30 PM

The land of latin love is where much can happen in the time allocated to the afternoon siesta. If used to boost energy levels, you’ll be ready and willing to partake in the laid back nightlife. Great food, friendly people and olive-skinned beauties enjoying red wine in warm weather. Plus, recent studies found that the recreational use of Viagra in Madrid was on a sharp incline, so it stands to reason that the ladies are of a somewhat amorous disposition.

New York, U.S.A.

Finding a match as a man in this city is as easy as getting a slice of great pizza. As the capital of America’s fashion and arts scene, hordes of starry-eyed girls flock to the city each year – which means a constant supply of models and aspiring actresses, all looking to follow their dreams. And if that wasn’t good enough – the male:female ratio is tipped in the men’s favour, meaning that many an average man is spotted sipping cocktails with a young Kate Moss lookalike.

All of the top business institutions have offices here, so high-level jobs are easy enough to come by, but beware – the competitive males of this city rarely leave their desks before 9pm – so be prepared to play hard, but work even harder.

Hong Kong, China


Gateway to the East, this is where Asian beliefs meet European culture. Though it’s sister city, Singapore is increasingly swinging with a new booming night-life attracting jet-set bachelor’s worldwide, it pales in comparison to Hong Kong. It hosts the Rugby 7’s after all! Expat packages mean a high level of disposable income and great opportunities to spend it. Fantastic food, beautiful women and big boats being a few examples.

Frankfurt, Germany

If testosterony was an adjective it would be used to describe Frankfurt. Less military spending post WW2 may be the result of the high quality of living, as money is poured into health, science and the economy. A passion for football thrives, the countless beers “vom Fass” provide male nectar and “zweites Fruehstuck” (a second breakfast) is considered the norm. The spa culture and co-gender saunas are also a plus, as the local leggy blondes stroll in for a Sunday steam.

London, England


Though the weather may not be overly inviting, no one can dispute London’s raw energy, expansive history, cutting edge culture, and high number of multicultural single women. Though online dating is less socially acceptable than say, New York, recently there has been a sudden boom in the number of websites at your fingertips. Plus as women are used to the somewhat more reserved advances of English men, the forwardness of an American, or the romance of an Italian / Frenchman, go a long way here. All this and its comfortable positioning between the US and the rest of Europe, make it our top spot.



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